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Access UPS Employee Remote Access Portal

UPSers.com is open to all UPS active and inactive employees in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and retired employees in the UPS Retirement Plan as well as international employees who have received an IGEMS Employee ID. UPSers.com Registration & Log-in UPS employees can log onto upsers.com. Choose your language preference. Enter your User ID and Password to log in. If you are using a mobile device to log in, click the "Mobile Log In" link. You have 3 chances to log in. After 3 failed attempts, you will be locked out of the system for 15 minutes. Your User ID is your Employee ID. If this is your first time to log in. your initial password/PIN is the  combination of the first two letters of your last name, the last 2 digits of your birth year and Employee ID. For example, if your last name is Wilson, born in 1970, whose Employee ID is 1234567, then your initial PIN will be on7067. For international users, your initial PIN is the first two letters from the name of your Region, the last two digits of your hire/restart year and the last two digits of your Employee ID. If you don't know your IGEMS Employee ID, contact your local H.R. Management Team. When you first log in to the system, you need to provide an e-mail address and an ID for access to UPS applications. Create your Challenge Questions and Responses. You can then create a password, but the password you create cannot be the same as your PIN. upsers.com Connect to UPS Employee Remote Access Portal Forgot Your Password Click "Forgot Your Password?" link and provide your Log-in User ID. Answer your Challenge Questions exactly as you did when you entered the answers. After 3 failed attempts to provide a valid ID and correctly answer your challenge questions, you will be locked out of the system and have to submit a Technical Help Form to request your account be unlocked. Reference Links

  1. UPS Official Website - ups.com
  2. UPS Login Portal Help - ep.upsers.com/ep-s/UPSRegistration/upspublic/HelpInstructions.jsp

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