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Professional Services
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Professional Services: Design, Install and Implement.

Design: Our Professional Services Engineers, PSEs, work with the customer to deliver an expert workflow analysis and design of a complete network document imaging solution. Using a broad portfolio of products, the PSE can deliver an open solution that meets or exceeds the customer’s needs.

Install: The PSE’s focus during installation is the smooth progression and timely completion of the solution. From the installation of the hardware to the installation of software the PSE is involved.

Implement: Making sure the solution is implemented properly is the main goal of the PSE. Training the customer to use the solution properly will ensure a smooth transition to the new workflow and a high level of comfort for the customer.

A sampling of the services and products offered include the following:

Data Stream Conversion
Conversion of proprietary legacy data streams such as IPDS, XES, Metacode, DJDE, IGP and others to industry standard formats like PCL and PDF helps protect your hardware investment. This conversion also allows you to replace obsolete and costly printers with more efficient and cost effective ones. We also work with major software and hardware vendors to bring success with other Legacy applications (Unisys, DEC, Wang etc.).

Enabling printers to be used in variable data printing applications with data from almost any host brings a whole new value-add to your existing or new output devices. Our E-form solution can intelligently make decisions at the printer with no host software intervention. With the ease of a Windows point and click design interface, you can enable the design of complex forms to deliver one to one printing for your customers.

Advanced digital hardware and software solutions take you directly from document creation to final output. Suites of solutions help customers reduce cost and work more effectively. Distributed printing and one to one printing enables the customer to deliver quicker turnaround and less waste. Our products are scaleable and can be used to handle solutions on department or corporate levels

Complex Printing Solutions
Most of the products in our portfolio fills the needs our customers. When a custom solution is needed the PSE will work with our development staff to provide the appropriate solution.

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