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Production Printing and Print On Demand Solutions
Hitachi Printing Solutions America, Inc. (HPRSA) has firmly established itself as the company with Production Printing and Print On Demand solutions for a broad spectrum of users. These users range from data centers and in-house reproduction centers to commercial printers. Hitachi supplies heavy-duty, high-speed printers and printer solutions for the POD market, from easy-to-use software, to high-volume production printing systems and high-speed network printers.

Digital Document Publisher 70e
The DDP 70e is a very reliable print engine from HPRSA that delivers performance and reliability with an easy-to-use interface and professional, publishing-quality finishing. It features an engine that supports peak printing volumes up to 600,000 pages per month.

This new variant of the DDP 70 engine with the designator “e” adds an enhanced printer controller and enhanced print quality to the already powerful 70 ppm production printer. Better print quality is achieved with improvements in laser dot size consistency and enhanced photographic efficiency. A new optical unit enhances print quality by stabilizing the laser dot size. The range of laser dot size fluctuation has been reduced to 25% of the previous fluctuation range. This increased control sharpens the image significantly. And an improved developer unit provides higher quality prints by increasing photographic efficiency. This is accomplished by a 20% reduction in the carrier particle size.

MICR Digital Document Publisher 70e
HPRSA, a global leader in digital printer technology, helps customers meet their production printing deadlines with high quality magnetic ink documents. The DDP 70e with MICR is a reliable, feature-rich production printing system available from Rosetta Technologies. To enhance your Magnetic Ink Character Recognition printing experience, you may want to learn more about this high volume MICR printer from HPRSA and Rosetta Technologies. The DDP 70e has been thoroughly tested for performance and MICR readability. The ability of the DDP70e to run MICR toner can be used for printing payroll checks, insurance reimbursements, and balance-transfer solicitations. Other applications include product and services promotions with personalized marketing including catalogs, coupons, solicitations and other marketing materials. The DDP70e offers extensive paper handling options, including optional finishers providing the features required for cost-effective on-demand printing.


Publishing Finisher
The Publishing Finisher is a professional quality finishing solution for the DDP 70e capable of creating lead edge trimmed booklets just like those created on equipment costing much more. The Publishing Finisher and the DDP 70e provide world-class document production with a very small footprint.



Digital Document Publisher 92
The DDP 92 is a true workhorse that can handle the production printing needs of high-volume environments that require professional-level finishing and the highest throughput. It features a 92 ppm print speed and delivers high-quality images at 600 x 600 dpi on sheet sizes up to 11" x 17"/A3. Finished documents can incorporate duplex printing; cover sheets, folding and multi-position stapling. Saddle-stitched booklets can be created from both ledger/A3 and letter/A4 sheets. It features an engine that supports peak printing volumes up to 800,000 pages per month.
The ScanIT solution works in conjunction with HPRSA’s DDP 70e and DDP 92 digital, monochrome, “workhorse” printers that are ideal for production printing departments and vertical markets, such as today’ s transactional printing industries.
Like most scanners, the system also requires a PC for operation.

Features include:
  • Scanning speeds that reach 56 pages per minute in simplex mode and 92 images per minute in duplex mode
  • Ability to scan paper of multiple sizes, thicknesses and weights
  • Up to 600 dpi scanning resolution
See ScanIT Press Release


Print Drivers
Hitachi's feature-rich custom print drivers support booklet making, pre-set document finishing profiles, automatic scaling, new page insertion features, shell extensions, and user and department codes.


Web Utilities
Built-in web utilities allow you to link directly to the HPRSA web site for the latest product information, software and support. With the DDP 70’s web-based server, system managers can track print jobs for departmental billing.


Data Stream Conversion
Using a front-end processor the DDP printer family has the ability to print SNA Character Strings (SCS), Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS) and Xerox Metacode jobs from Mainframes and Midrange systems. No modifications to the mainframe applications are required. This solution is available for both the DDP 70 and DDP 92 network printers.


DDP MicroPress
The DDP MicroPress is capable of producing printed output at the incredible rate of 840 pages per minute. Built around a Windows NT-based server, the DDP MicroPress allows users to assemble, process, print and finish digital documents cost effectively in both high-volume and short-run production print environments.
Professional Services
Hitachi offers exceptional technical support and professional services to its customers around the globe. Professional Services is dedicated to streamlining print processes, cost savings, and problem solving, in conjunction with the best printer hardware in the industry.
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